Lauren Stamer //
Occupation: Makeup artist, Hair stylist, Model


Bio: -20 years old -vegan -passionate about makeup and making people feel beautiful -recently started jewelry making, mostly healing crystal necklaces. Etsy shop: -free spirit, just exploring all my options in life currently

Likes: animals, shoes, makeup, traveling, thrift stores, EDM, flowers, sunshine, rain and dancing

Something interesting about me: I can wiggle my ears


Brianna Lynn //
Occupation: Photographer


Bio: A 20 year old, photographer known as “Your Little Wild Child,” from Redondo Beach, California. Dreams of moving out to New York, working for either Milk Studios // Nylon magazine or one of her favorite fashion designers, Marc Jacobs or Black Milk Clothing. Brianna had recently started a blog ( back in August 2012, which contains a different side of her: modeling. Although she’s never thought of pursuing or switching paths from becoming a fashion photographer in this generation — she enjoys & learns from this new experience, with a different eye. Back in February 2010 she had started her photo portfolio under the name of “Wild Child,”… She’s currently building her portfolio with a different variety of collaborations with makeup artists, stylists, fashion designers & pursuing models. Always surprising her fans with the unexpected from all over the world, let’s stay tuned to see what will happen next!

Likes: Jeffery Campbell’s Litas, Black Milk Clothing, EDM, leopard print, art, flowers, books, Audrey Hepburn, Starbucks & Tiffany’s.

Something interesting about me: “I never would have thought that, I would ever want to become a fashion photographer — Back in high school, I had wanted to become a novelist & write romantic comedies, pre-teen novels. Still something to cross off my bucket list.”


Alexa Kirstie //
Occupation: Makeup artist


Bio: 20 year old Alexa Kirstie, is a free lance make up artist residing in San Diego, California. She dreams of traveling the world, working for MAC Cosmetics, different fashion companies, and eventually work fashion week in New York, USA; Paris, France; and London, UK. At a very young age, watching her mother put on make up every morning for work, she became fascinated with cosmetics – the colors, the effects, the artistry of it all. Never did she think it would become the obsession that it is for her today. She is currently building her portfolio and is open to meeting new people to use as beautiful canvases for all different styles of transformations.

Likes: Bohemian Chic, Make Up Cosmetics, Island Living, Electric Night Life, Dance-Dance, Feel Good Music, Poetry, Reading, Crafting, Cooking, Photography, Intimate Conversations, Meaningful Company

Something interesting about me: “I always dreamed like a princess, Aladdin was my very first crush…”


Geraldine Marie //
Occupation: Stylist, Model

Bio: Chinita Fashionista. DollHaus Dolly. Flower Child. Style the Wild. Dance not Prance. Write or Die. Geraldine Hernandez a 21 year old stylist who always had an itch for standing out when it came to her daily outfits. Thrifting was something she practiced at the early age of 7 years old as her parents dragged her around with them as they went to the local goodwill or salvation army and still continues to thrift and doesn’t plan on stopping either! She has pretty versatile taste when it comes to her wardrobe, from vintage to harajuku street fashion she loves it all!

Likes: Fashion, Flowers, Pink, Art, puppies & kitties, dancing, writing, thrifting, styling, tea, Ikea & anything vintage or made in Japan

Something interesting about me: I’ve always been known for dressing like a Grandma, never cared too much about what others thought so — guess what kiddies! Granny Geegee is still out here til’ this very day!


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